Maharashtra: 28 people went under the knife to reassign their sex, reveals RTI

Lalita Salve, a woman police constable, reached Mumbai, on Tuesday, to undergo a sex change surgery. An RTI data revealed that 28 people opted for sex reassignment surgeries in Maharashtra government and civic-run hospitals. And Mumbai is becoming a key centre for these sex change surgeries

Maharashtra: 28 people underwent knife to reassign their sex, reveals RTI

As people have become more open about their life and the way they want to live, Maharashtra is witnessing a rise in the number of people opting for sex reassignment surgery over the past few years.

Moreover, Mumbai is becoming one of the key centers for people opting for a sex-change or a sex reassignment surgery.

The RTI data revealed:

  • As many as 28 people underwent knife for Sex Reassignment Surgery in government and civic-run hospitals.
  • Of which 21 people have opted for sex reassignment surgery to become female from male.
  • While 7 people underwent knife to become a male from female.
  • In some cases, minor complications were developed post-surgery.
  • While 2 patients suffered major complications, but are now successfully treated.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, an RTI activist, Chetan Kothari, said, “Earlier, people were shy to speak about the sex-change surgery. Constable Lalita Salve, from Beed, Maharashtra, has been admitted in Mumbai for the same. This shows that people are aware of this topic.”

Lalita has been admitted to Maharashtra’s state-run St George Hospital in Mumbai, on Tuesday, for sex reassignment surgery.

Dr Ashok Gupta, a plastic surgeon from Bombay Hospital, said, “There is a steady growth in the number of people opting for sex reassignment surgery. The people’s mind-set, as far as their sex is concerned, is changing for the past few years. I, too, have handled 3-4 cases like this.”

Dr Gupta further added, “Surgery to transform a man into a woman is not so difficult. But, what is challenging is to transform a woman into a man. There are multiple things to be taken care of like, we have to remove the uterus bag from the woman’s body. Also, we have to look into the aspect of male reproductive organs. Many times, it is likely that the patient can slip into a mental trauma.”

Speaking about the growth of Mumbai as a hub for sex-change surgery, Dr Parag Telang, a consultant, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at SL Raheja Hospital, had earlier said, “The number of people coming out openly and seeking SRS is rising. However, we must remember that they have still a long way to go to be accepted in the society. Apart from SRS, people also go for facial feminisation or voice modulation procedures as well.”