Maha: Woman pregnant for the 20th time, baffles doctors

The 38-year-old woman from Beed district, who has had 16 successful deliveries and three abortions so far, is now seven months’ pregnant. Each time, she delivered a single child and five of them died within a few hours or days of delivery, while 11 have survived, doctors said

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Pregnancy is a complex and delicate time in the life of a woman. While most women may become pregnant once or twice in their lifetime, this 38-year-old lady has baffled doctors. It is indeed a rare occurrence for a woman to be pregnant so often.

This can also have negative consequences on the health and the physiology of a woman.

What shocked the doctors the most is that by the time she was 38. She had 11 children. She went through three abortions, which all incidentally happened when she was three months pregnant.

The woman named Lankabai Kharat came in contact with local health officials during a health camp. The health officials were shocked when they learnt that this was her 20th pregnancy.

Kharat hails from Kesapuri area in Majalgaon tehsil of Beed district.

“At present, she has 11 children and at the age of 38, is pregnant for the 20th time,” said Beed district civil surgeon, Dr Ashok Thorat.

The health officials had immediately taken her to the civil hospital. The doctors conducted all the required tests. They informed that both the mother and unborn child are safe. She started upon a course of medication and was instructed on hygiene, so that she could avoid an infection.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Thorat informed, “This would be her first delivery at a hospital. All the earlier deliveries were performed at home. To avoid any health risk, we have advised her to get admitted at the local government hospital for the delivery, scheduled in two months. We have counselled and discharged her. The district administration is monitoring her situation.”

According to health experts, in cases like this, the growth of the baby is directly affected. This is absolutely wrong, as it put the life of the woman and child in danger.

My Medical Mantra spoke to prominent gynaecologists to know about the health consequences that a woman like this would have to face.

Prof Dr Ashok Anand, HOD, Gynecology, Sir JJ Group of Hospitals, stated, “Multiple pregnancies can lead to a severe health condition like anaemia and malnutrition. Due to malnutrition, blood pressure increases, this can lead to life-threatening complications. This can have an effect on the birth weight of the baby.”

Multiple pregnancies can be risky for a woman. The gynaecologists also informed how a woman’s body could undergo changes due to the strain of several pregnancies.

Dr Vilas Bhole, a gynaecologist from Jalgaon, explained, “A woman who has undergone multiple pregnancies, like in the Beed woman’s case, face a lot of complications right from the conception of the baby.”

He informed, “Not just the woman, the baby can be also be affected. In cases like this, the chances of suffering from gestational diabetes increases. Also, the woman may experience heavy blood loss and her uterus also gets damaged.”

Scar tissue from past pregnancies within the uterus can cause problems with the placenta and this can create additional risks, including premature birth.

This creates a risk of massive bleeding and because the uterus has been weakened by successive pregnancies, drugs to cause this contraction are typically less successful, he said.

Scar tissue from past pregnancies within the uterus can cause problems with the placenta and this can create additional risks, including premature birth, he said.