Maha: Two of three women suffering miscarriage hails from rural areas

The Rural areas of Maharashtra is witnessing a rise in the number of cases of miscarriages. In 2017-18, as many as 60,495 women suffered from a miscarriage. Whereas in April 2018, around 952 women lost their fetus due to various factors. The information was revealed on Health Ministry's Health management information system.

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  • In India, a whopping 5,55,213 women suffered miscarriage during the year 2017-18. West Bengal topped the list with 75,202 cases, while Maharashtra stood with 60,495 cases of miscarriages.  
  • Out of 60495 cases, as many as 42,205 cases were reported from rural areas, while the rest 18,290 cases were reported from the urban areas. 
  • Out of every three women, who face miscarriage, one woman is from the urban area, while two women hail from rural areas. 

The steady rise in cases of miscarriages in the rural areas is the most worrying trend, say experts. Miscarriage is also known as spontaneous abortion, or natural death of the fetus.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Sushma Deshmukh, a practicing gynecologist form Nagpur, said, “Miscarriage cases are on the rise, especially in rural areas. Malnutrition, lack of education, family’s negligence towards women, and lack of nutritious food are the major factors, which contribute to the miscarriages. Due to malnutrition, the women suffer from anemia. Owing to which, we witness a large number of miscarriage cases in rural areas.”

While the rural areas have seen a large number of miscarriage cases, Mumbai city also witnessed 11,673 miscarriage cases.

Dr Niranjan Chavan, Professor in Gynecology department of Mumbai’s civic-run Sion hospital, said, “Miscarriage cases are increasing not only in the rural areas but also in urban areas as well. Rising temperature, working women, daily hours of travel, and potholes on the roads are major factors which contribute to miscarriage in women.”

Dr Chavan further said, “The husband and wife should consult a doctor while doing family planning. If a woman misses her routine periods, she should consult a doctor. Pregnant women should always follow a nutritious diet.”

Reasons for miscarriage 


Lack of education and awareness

Work pressure and long working hours