Maha: Three children dead, 40 hospitalised due to food poisoning

The incident occurred at Mahad village, in Raighad district of Maharashtra on Monday evening June 18, where a puja ceremony was organised for the house warming function. On eating the food served in the programme, people complained about vomiting and giddiness.


  • According to the Police, a house warming ceremony was organised in Mahad, Raighad district, Maharashtra. 
  • After the puja got over, on eating the food served after the programme, people complained of giddiness and started vomiting. Few of them also complained of severe stomach pain. 
  • They were immediately taken to the nearby hospital in Khalapur, and Navi Mumbai 
  • But, three children aged between 7 to 13, were declared brought dead at the hospital. Around 40 people are still hospitalised and they are under observation but said to be out of Danger
While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Anil Paraskar, Superintendent of Police Raighad said, “The incident occurred on Monday evening around 7.30 PM, June 18. There was a house warming puja at the place of Subhas Mane. On eating the food which was served people complained severe stomach pain. Three children were declared brought dead by the doctors, and 40 are still under observation but out of danger. We have seized the food samples and have sent it for the further analysis.”
As per the police, people have been admitted in Raighad and Navi Mumbai’s MGM hospital.