Maha TB and leprosy department to send notices to private docs who don’t notify TB cases

While around 50 per cent of TB cases go to private health care facilities, private doctors do adequately report all cases to the government. The government has created a special portal named ‘Nikshay’ where private practitioners are supposed to report the cases. But, there is low response from private doctors


In March 2018, the Indian government launched its own programme, Joint Effort for Elimination of Tuberculosis (JEET), to increase the reporting of TB cases by the private sector.

Non-notification of TB cases is now a punishable offence in India under Indian Penal Code. The private practitioner will have to serve a jail term of maximum two years in case of failure to notify a case. In spite of such stringent measures, private practitioners are not coming forward to notify the cases.

Dr Padmaja Jogewar, Joint Director, State TB and Leprosy, Maharashtra, said, “I have asked the district level authorities to send notices to those hospitals to which are not complying with the law.”

Dr Jogewar added, “Many times, private practitioners think that it is an additional task, sometimes they think that patients might not come to their clinic if they reveal their status and so they do not come forward and notify. But, only when TB is notified we can track the cases and ensure that they get full treatment. It is only when we will notify more TB patients we can treat them and so we can control its spread.”


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