Maha: Soon, fines to be imposed upon chemist and druggists for violation of rules

The Maharashtra legislative council has passed the bill regarding slapping the fine on the chemist, druggist, medicine distributor and, manufacturers if they violate the law. Earlier, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would suspend the licence of those who violated the law

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Image source: Google
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  • From now onwards chemist, druggist, medicine distributor and manufacturers will have to pay a fine, if they violate the rules and regulations.
  • The Maharashtra legislative council has passed the bill to amend the pre-existing ‘Drug and Cosmetic Act 1940.’
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Minister Girish Bapat had tabled the bill in the house on Thursday, November 29.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Maharashtra can now impose a fine on the chemist, druggist, medicine distributor, and manufacturers who violate the law.

The Maharashtra legislative council has passed the bill tabled by the government empowering the drug inspectors to slap fine on the medical shops and the manufacturers.

Earlier the FDA would suspend the licences and prosecuting them for the minor offences.

While speaking in the Maharashtra legislative council, Food and Drug Administration minister, Girish Bapat, said, “The new law will has been brought into place will deter the medical shops from engaging in illegal sale of medicines. Earlier, they would get away with the suspension and after a few days, they would again start a business afresh. Due to the availability of psychotropic substance medicines, the young generation is getting addicted to it. With the new law if the medical shop violates the law, then he would be fined as well.”

On November 29, the bill was debated upon by the legislators. There are about 76,800 medical shops and 4,400 manufacturers in the state. With the act in place, the government will slap a fine on the shop and the manufacturer for minor violations.

While debating the bill in the Legislative council, Legislative council member, Jagganath Shinde, who is also the President of the All India Druggist Association, said, “The amended which has been brought by the government will increase corruption and bring back the Inspector Raj back into the state. Before implementing the new law the government should take all the stakeholders into confidence, educate them about the new law.”

Shinde added, “If the fine is too exorbitant, then small shops will lose their business and ultimately shut down. The government should keep all these factors in mind before going ahead and implementing it.”

Currently, the Food and Drug Administration under the provision of the Act suspends the licence of chemist and druggist in case of minor violations such as not displaying the license in the shop or not informing the authorities about employing a pharmacist etc.

Kailesh Tandle, President, Maharashtra Registered Pharmacist Association, said, “We welcome the amendment passed by the Maharashtra assembly in Drug and Cosmetic Act 1940. Earlier the FDA, use to suspend our licence, which used to affect our business as well. But with the new law, we have to pay fine for the minor offenses rather than facing prosecution.”