Maha: NGO demands increase in health budget

An NGO working for the patient rights has put forward the health budget for the common people. There was a provision of Rs 12,167 crore rupees for the public health department in 2017. The NGO demands, that in the current budget, the provision has to be increased to Rs 17,675 crore rupees

Maha: NGO demands increase in health budget
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According to the July 2017 figures of Integrated Child Development Scheme:

  • In the state, out of 60.26 lakhs children, under 6 years of age – 6,34,634 children are weighing less than normal
  • 83,500 are of extremely low weight and 5,51,000 thousand children are of medium weight
  • Integrated Child Development Scheme’s expenditure has been cut down by 1,443 crore rupees

Till Jan 2018, only 58 per cent of the Integrated Child Development Scheme has been

  • Anganwadi services in 2016-17, 3607 crores, 2017-18 for a provision of Rs 2, 9 47 crores, this provision is inadequate

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Amit Narkar, NCAS executive director said, “The social services sector has seen a decline in the budget. Only 45 per cent of the budget provision of last year was spent on health and education.”

Shubha Shamim, secretary of Maharashtra State Anganwadi Workers Action Committee said, “Since few years, malnutrition and infant mortality is becoming serious cause of concern. Now, 7,368 crores rupees are needed. So, the government should make the additional provision of Rs 4,521 crore rupees.”

Demands for the health services:

  • All the rural and urban areas have enough human resources for free health care
  • Provision for free medication
  • Establish urban health system for quality healthcare
  • Establishment of Child Development Centres in rural hospitals for malnourished children
  • One per cent provision of the overall budget for monitoring and planning of the health system