Maha: Helpline to counsel women suffering from depression

The Maharashtra state commission for women (MSCW) has decided to launch a helpline to help women who are suffering due to injustice on them, depression, sexual harassment and so on. The helpline will be launched on the International women’s Day on March 8

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  • This will be a one-of-its kind helpline in India which can be helpful for women
  • The women across Maharashtra can call on this number.
  • Two helpline numbers will be launched. If needed more numbers will be launched.
  • Now, women can de-stress themselves and lead a happy life.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Vijaya Rahatkar, the chairperson of Maharashtra state commission for women (MSCW) said, “In Maharashtra, to tackle injustice and workplace harassment which women face, the state government has launched a helpline.  Not only this, the Women commission helpline is also there. in a day about 10-12 complaints are received. This is the one-of-its kind helpline to solve woman’s problems and counsel them.  Women of any age group can calla and the information will not be revealed.”

She added, “70% of women face domestic violence. Some women don’t complaint. And those who complaints are required to come to Mumbai.  Now, due to the helpline, the women will be counselled.  With the help of women from their areas and officials, she can start a new life. this can save her time and money.”