Maha: Govt issues guidelines to dispose off non-usable sonography machines

The state government has constituted a committee to curb the illegal use of sonography machines. The district-level committee will decide on scrapping or disposing of the machine. The government made it mandatory to video record the process of dismantling


  • The Maharashtra government has issued the guidelines for scrapping the sonography machine.
  • The government formed a district-level committee to decide on the disposal of the machines.
  • The committee has been formed to curb the misuse of the machines that are used to determine the sex of the foetus.

As there are no specific guidelines written in the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Technique (PCPNDT)  Act, 1994, the Maharashtra state government has formed a district-level committee to take a final decision about scrapping the illegal sonography machine. The government has also issued a few guidelines for its disposal.


Dr Jignesh Thakkar, General Secretary, Indian Radiological and Imaging Association, said, “There were no guidelines about what to do with the sonography machines which have been rendered useless. The radiologists were facing a tough task regarding how to dispose of the sonography machine. The doctors used to keep the redundant machine with them. But, now the state government has issued a resolution. And has set guidelines for scrapping the machines. So, now all the machines which are not useful will be examined and disposed off.”

Guidelines issued by the state government 

  • The district-level committee will take the decision of disposing of the sonography machines which are rendered as non-usable.
  • If a particular machine is reusable, then the owner can reuse it.
  • The government will give sanction to transport the sonography machines.
  • The sonography centres will have to submit the list of the make, model and probe of the machine to the concerned authority.
  • After scrutinising all the documents, the committee will take a decision on disposal.
  • There should not be any pollution while disposing of the machine.
  • The process of destroying the machine has to be video recorded.

Things to be checked before destroying the machine

  • Application of owner
  • Affidavit of owner
  • Letter of transport of the machine
  • R.C. Number
  • See the same machine endorsed in ‘B’ form
  • ‘B’ form to be submitted condition of the probe
  • Make/model of machine