Maha: Govt issues guidelines for private hospitals conducting hysterectomies in Beed

The Maharashtra government has issued stern guidelines in connection with performing the surgical procedure of hysterectomy in Beed district. All the private hospitals and nursing homes have been asked to adhere to these guidelines by the district administration. Strict action will be taken against those who fail to comply with the guidelines


These guidelines have been issued in the wake of the recent shocking revelations, on the rampant use of obstetric hysterectomy, in Beed, Maharashtra, wherein a lot of women were forced to remove their wombs, in order to earn their livelihood.

Finally, the district administration has swung into action and has taken cognisance of this grave issue. In order to curb the unchecked use of the hysterectomy procedures, the district administration has issued stern guidelines to all the civic and private hospitals including nursing homes.

Beed district collector and district magistrate, Aastik Kumar Pandey, has issued these guidelines on Tuesday, April 16.

Key guidelines for hospitals

  • All private hospitals are hereby directed to send the woman to the Tehsil Medical Superintendent, or District Civil surgeon with all the necessary documents.
  • In case of Emergency Hysterectomy or Obstetrics Hysterectomy, the hospital will notify the district civil surgeon within 24 hours after carrying the surgery.
  • The civil surgeon and the medical superintendent should inform the concerned hospital about the urgency of the hysterectomy procedure. It is required or not required.
  • The hospital should select a day and conduct the hysterectomy surgeries on a particular day. They should inform the civil surgeon and the medical superintendent about the date


It was alleged that the woman working in the sugarcane fields are being forced by the local contractors to go under the knife so that they would need no breaks, as compared to the women who are menstruating.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Advocate Varsha Deshpande, who is a known crusader against female foeticide, said, “A number of surgeries have been carried out, where the removal of the uterus was not required at all. Action should be taken against the doctors who performed these surgeries. Doctors are performing the surgeries to make money. Cases like these have been surfaced in Satara, Sangli and Kolhapur districts as well.”

Government’s advice

These are the things that must be remembered before undergoing hysterectomy:

Tumour on the uterus does not necessarily mean cancer. And it doesn’t require removal of the uterus.

If the uterus is swollen then it can be treated medically.

There are medicines available for red and white discharge.

Chitra Wagh, NCP women’s wing president said, “A majority of a woman living in Beed, are not educated. And the doctors are taking advantage of this situation. Removal of the uterus is not an option if a woman is experiencing white discharge. There are medicines which can cure it. The state government should investigate the matter thoroughly. We should spread awareness in the rural villages, about the female gynaecological issues.”