Maha: Government suspends ‘Continuous Nursing Education’

The Maharashtra government has suspended the 'Continuous Nursing Education' in the state. It had issued a government resolution on April 10. Citing the complaints received from people, over the exorbitant amount which was were charged for this education programme, the government has issued an instruction to hold it over, till further orders

Maha: Government suspends ‘Continuous Nursing Education’

  • The government of Maharashtra has decided to suspend the ‘Continuous Nursing Education’ programme.
  • This programme has been organised by the Maharashtra Nursing Council since 2016.
  • Over 2 lakh nurses from Maharashtra were attending this programme. At the event information related to the advancements in the medical field were given to them.

Along the lines of ‘Continuous Medical Education’ (CME), for the doctors, the Nursing Council of Maharashtra had begun a training programme for the nursing staff in Maharashtra. But, the state government has now asked the Nursing Council to suspend the programme till further orders.

The state government order states:

‘The Continuous Nursing Education programme was organised by the Nursing Council of Maharashtra, in order to renew the licenses of the nursing staff. But, high fees were charged from the nursing staff to attend the programme.

A number of written and oral complaints were received by the state government regarding this matter.

Hence, the programme is suspended until the further orders.’

Maha: Government suspends ‘Continuous Nursing Education’

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, President of the Maharashtra Medical Council Dr Ramling Mali said, “The programme was launched after the notification issued by the government. While suspending the programme, the government hasn’t asked us anything. We will bring this to the notice of the government.”

While the Maharashtra Government Nurses Federation has welcomed this decision. Anuradha Athavle, President of the Maharashtra Government Nurses Federation, said, “We welcome the decision. We had written a number of letters to the government, to stop this programme. As high fees were charged from the nurses who were attending the workshop. Nurses should get the education, but it should be at affordable rates. The government has suspended this programme but we want it to be stopped completely.”