Maha government mulls law on ‘cut practice’ in healthcare

Maharashtra Medical Education Minister Girish Majahan has formed a committee to check the viability of the law against ‘cut practice’ in healthcare in Maharashtra. The committee will review all aspects and submit the report to the government. Padma Bhushan Dr Ramakanta Panda had raised the issue against the ‘cut practice’ in healthcare.

In the first of its kind of initiative in the country, the Maharashtra government has taken a firm step forward to curb the ‘cut practice’ or commission practice in healthcare in the State.

In order to put an end to the ‘cut practice’, the Maharashtra government is contemplating to formulate a law.

Maha government mulls law on ‘cut practice’ in healthcare

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, States Medical Education Minister Girish Mahajan said, “Cut practice is absolutely unethical. And government of Maharashtra is committed to end this menace. Government has constituted a committee to study the viability; weather government can make a law against the corrupt practices.”

Girish Mahajan further said, “The committee will review all aspect associated with this and submit a report to Maharashtra government. On the basis of the committee’s recommendation government will take final,”

The high power committee will be chaired by former Maharashtra DG Pravin Dixit. Director Medical Education and Research, Maharashtra Praveen Shingare, and Maharashtra Medical council’s administrator Dr Abhay Choudhary will be the other two members of the committee.

Meanwhile welcoming the Asian Heart Institutes (AHI) step, Medical Education Minister had said that, government will not encourage any kind of cut practices and stringent action will be taken against those who involve in these kinds of activities.

He said Dr Ramakanta Panda, the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of AHI and his team has taken up a genuine issue in the healthcare. “It is a great initiative. Every doctor should follow ethics in the medical practice,” said Mahajan.

Asian Heart Institute had put up a hoarding that says, ‘Honest Opinion. No Commission to Doctors’ at a prominent location in the city. Taking its stand on cut practice a step further, the hospital, on Wednesday, wrote the letter to Maharashtra Medical Council, state health minister and state medical education minister.

  • Sachin Baliram Kolhe

    I m waiting for the day when a government contractor will put a line in his information board… No commission to babus and ministers in this project….

  • Nitin Dhande

    And You would wait forever….

  • Nitin Dhande

    Minister Sahab, when will such committees be formed in ALL OTHER DEPARTMENTS as well…
    Showing lines like dont TAKE bribe….
    Dr. Panda cant do this…

  • Vavo R

    Will all other professions and professionals including politicians follow suit ???? I will wait for that day…till then I am not at all averse to the so called CUT practice. In fact I don’t understand why it’s called as CUT ??? Why it can’t be called as SHARING practice ? Why do some doctors give it a bad name. What’s the harm in sharing the income or profits ? It happens in every business. Instead of banning it, why the Govt does not think of legitimising and capping it ????
    A insurance agent gets up to 40 % of the premiums for referring a particular policy, a architect or a interior designer gets a commission from the material suppliers, a travel agent gets commission for referring a particular hotel or a travel service, a model gets compensation for referring the people a particular product irrespective of it’s merits, so on and so forth. And all of the above get their compensation or share legally. Nobody questions them. In fact we thank or praise the consultant or the agent for the services. Similarly why can’t a GP or a family physician get his or her dues for referrals and also get thanked for referring the patient to a good specialist, nursing home or a hospital ?????
    Why the discrimination between medical services and other services. More so when there is a hanging sword of medical negligence on the duty bound doctors.

    If it is due to the cost factor then the so called Hospital advertising against SHARING practice should reduce their charges up to 40 % and provide the services to the people. Then only it will make sense that they are serious about it.

    I also appeal to the people that consider doctors as service providers ( as they are also covered under services act ) and let them do their duty as any service provider. If consumer law can be applied to the medical fraternity then why we can’t get the benefits of it viz advertising, sharing etc.

    I think people are getting confused between a malpractice and a particular business model.
    Doctors who are doing malpractice should be dealt with firmly and punished severely.

    Last but not the least …plz don’t consider us as GOD…but only as humans just as you. Consider us as people who have aspirations, emotions, wants and demands just as you. We also want to earn and live a comfortable life just like you.