Maha: FDA to carry online inspection of hospitals, chemists

The state government has taken a stern step to in order to curb corruption within the Food and Drugs Department. The government has directed FDA officers to file their report to the senior officers online in real-time. For this, FDA officers have been given a tab which they have to carry while doing the inspection. They also can click photos and share those with the senior officer to maintain the transparency

Hon CM Distribute Tab 1

  • In order to curb corruption and to bring transparency in the Food and Drugs Department, the Maharashtra state government has distributed tablets devices to drug inspectors to be carried while performing an inspection.
  • As many as 100 tablets have been distributed with by the hands of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday, April 03. 
  • The drug inspectors have been asked to file their inspection report online in real-time so that no changes can be made later on in their reports.
  • The state government had taken this step as a number of complaints are being filed against the drug inspectors regarding corruption. 

Now onwards, the FDA inspectors in Maharashtra will have to carry a tab, distributed by the government, along with them whenever they are going out for an inspection of a hospital, chemist shop, and blood banks. They will have to file the inspection report online and in real-time directly to the Assistant commissioner or Joint commissioner.

In order to crack down on the rampant corruption in the Food and Drugs Department, the Maharashtra government has distributed 100 tabs to the FDA officers. In all, as many as 428 inspectors will be given tabs. The tabs will be distributed in different phases.

Speaking about this Food and Drug Administration Minister, Girish Bapat, said, “Many times, a chemist challenges the inspection report filed by the Food and Drug department inspector. But now, with the online system, each and every entry will be recorded in real-time. Hence, no one can make a change in the report later on.”

The minister added that this has been done in order to curb the corruption in the department.

The Information Technology department of the Maharashtra government has designed this app. Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis distributed 100 such tabs on Tuesday to the inspectors.