Maha: FDA seizes 109 dozen artificially ripened mangoes

The Food and Drug Administration of Maharashtra, has seized 109 dozen artificially ripened mangoes from two mango sellers in Mumbai. The FDA officers say the mango sellers were using Ethrel - a chemical to ripen the mangoes. Also, in the last 7 years, the FDA has destroyed over 1 lakh kilograms of artificially ripened fruits and vegetables

mango 2

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Maharashtra had carried out raids on mango sellers in Vashi and F. Galli, Chembur.

The officers had inspected the premises of 20 mango sellers. Out of which, they found two mango sellers using a chemical to ripen the mangoes artificially.

The FDA officers seized 109 dozen mangoes and have sent the samples to the lab for testing.

After receiving several complaints regarding artificially ripened mangoes, the Maharashtra FDA had begun its  crackdown. The FDA officers say this plan of action will be carried on for the next two months. As fruit sellers use chemicals to ripen the mangoes and other fruits artificially during this season.

As per a press release issued by the Maharashtra FDA:

  • Since 2011, the FDA has seized 1 lakh kilograms of artificially ripened mangoes, bananas, and vegetables.
  • They have destroyed the goods worth Rs 45 lakh till now 
  • Out of 800 samples which they had seized, as many as 161 were found to be contaminated and unsafe for human consumption 
  • A total of 157 cases have been booked by the department 

Shailesh Aadhav, Assistant commissioner FDA (Food), while speaking to My Medical Mantra, said, “Our aim is to prohibit the sellers from using chemicals such as carbide, and to make sure that the chemicals which are used by the sellers should be in given norms. During the raids, we try and sensitise the sellers as well.”

The FDA said their action against the artificially ripened fruits will continue so that common man does not get affected by these fruits.