Maha: FDA makes registration and licenses compulsory for sale of cosmetics

Currently, the FDA has the right to keep a hold on the cosmetics companies only. Accordingly licensed companies are registered with the FDA. But there is no restriction on cosmetics vendors. In this regard, the FDA administration is planning to take an important step by registering the license holder vendors and making license compulsory for unlicensed vendors


Cosmetic industry is booming and there is an increase in the sale of cosmetic products. Often, fake products are sold under the name of a renowned brand at a lesser price. Though, the consumers buy it but it can have a negative impact on health.

Under Drugs and Cosmetics Act, cosmetic manufacturing companies are registered by FDA. The contract changes every year. The FDA has no control over retailers selling cosmetics. Due to which, the cosmetic products are sold. So to stop it, now, the FDA is has to registered the sellers as well. There are approximately 5 lakhs to 6 lakhs cosmetic vendors in Mumbai, including beauty parlours

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Pallavi Darade is the commissioner of FDA Maharashtra said, “There is large market for cosmetic products in India and it is still growing. Fake cosmetics, also blend in easily in this market, and women prefer buying these fake cosmetic products have been sold on the large scale. At railway station, these products are sold at a cheap rate. Woman are unaware that can cause reaction on the face. Due to FDA’s move the vendors now will not be able to sell it.”

The FDA had control over the manufacturing process of cosmetics, but not on the sellers. That is why we have made it compulsory for sellers to be registered and having a license. As people are preparing for the festive season, women tend to buy more cosmetics. In order to prevent any skin problems from these products, the FDA officers will carry out inspections at in public places.

A few months ago, the Drug Controller General of India had carried out a countrywide campaign and ran checks on 300 branded cosmetic companies in India. In their campaign, they found that several sellers did not have licenses.

The central government also directed the states to be cautious about fake cosmetics entering the markets.  In response to this the Maharashtra FDA has started the registration process. Due action will be taken against unregistered vendors.