Maha CM’s response to SMS helps save three-year-old’s life

Although, in today’s day and age where people generally overlook their SMS’s the prompt response from the Chief Minister was heartening to see. This timely intervention helped save a three-year-old boy’s life

Maha CM’s response to SMS helps save three-year-old’s life

Vedant Pawar is a three-year-old boy suffering from aplastic anaemia. He hails from Gangapur in Auranagbad and urgently needs to undergo a bone marrow transplant.

His family comes from a very humble unprivileged background and his father is a sole breadwinner of the family and works as a daily wage earner.

The family did not know how to arrange the money required for his treatment. After exhausting all options available to them Vedant’s aunt Renuka took a last minute decision putting all her hope on it

She took charge of the situation and tried to seek help from Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis himself.

Renuka sent a message directly on CM Devendra Fadnavis’s mobile number, hoping that CM might intervene and help Vedant.

To her surprise, on the same day the Chief Minister’s office got in touch with the Pawar family and necessary arrangements were made to shift Vedant to Mumbai’s SRCC hospital in Worli.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Om Prakash Shetey, office in-charge of the Chief Minister Medical Aid fund said, “The Chief Minister had received a message two days ago. He then, directed us to get in touch with the family and make necessary arrangements for the boy. We have admitted him to Mumbai’s SRCC hospital. He is suffering from aplastic anaemia and necessary tests are being performed by the doctors. The Chief Minister Office (CMO) will provide all the necessary financial help to the Pawar family”