Maha CM Fadnavis appeals parents, enrol your child for measles-rubella vaccination

The measles-rubella vaccination campaign drive in Maharashtra will continue for six weeks. As per the health minister, the vaccine is safe and has no side effects at all. Earlier due to confusion, apprehension and lack of awareness parents had refused for the vaccination campaign


  • On November 27, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has launched the measles-rubella vaccination drive in the state.
  • CM Fadnavis has appealed to the citizens to participate in the vaccination drive in large numbers.
  • The campaign will run for six weeks in the state. Children between the age group of nine months to 15 years, will be vaccinated for measles-rubella.

Vaccination plays a very important role in the overall development of the child. With an aim to make Maharashtra free from measles-rubella, the state government has launched a six weeks campaign.

While speaking to the press, Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis said, “Every year thousands of children die due to measles-rubella. In order to secure the future of the young generation, parents should come forward and take a leading role in the Measles-Rubella vaccination drive. Parents should enrol their children in large numbers.”


Fourteen children who received Measles-Rubella vaccination were handed over certificate from the hands of Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis.

Dr Deepak Sawant, Health Minister of Maharashtra, said, “The vaccine is safe for the children. The vaccine will not have side-effects at all. By 2020 the state government aims to bring control on the Measles-Rubella from the state. Parents should come forward and enrol their kids for the vaccination drive.”

Details of the campaign

  • Children between the age group of nine months to 15 years will be vaccinated upon.
  • The campaign will run for six weeks.
  • The vaccination will be free of cost at schools, primary health centre and government hospitals.
  • If any child has been administered the vaccine earlier then he/she should be given it again.
  • No side effects of the vaccine.