Maha charity commissioner to ask charitable hospitals to start mobile clinics

In order to provide free medical service to the poor, Maharashtra's charity commissioner Shivkumar Dige is considering to start mobile clinics


The mobile clinic will provide free healthcare services to people living in slum areas. It will act as a through a mobile hospital, the mobile clinic will include pharmacists, doctors, pathologists and lab technicians.

Maharashtra charity commissioner Shivkumar Dige had earlier asked private charitable hospitals in Mumbai to display a board stating that 10 per cent of beds are reserved for the poor, but this was not implement.

At times, poor people hesitate to approach private charitable and trustee hospital as they believe that the treatment will be expensive. Hence, they avoid going to the hospital for treatment. Due to this misunderstanding, they miss out on low-cost treatment.

Now in order to provide free medical service to the poor, Maharashtra’s charity commissioner Shivkumar Dige is  considering to start mobile clinics. He will be soon holding a meeting with the charity hospitals in the state and city. At present, there are 430 charitable hospitals in Maharashtra and 74 charitable hospitals in Mumbai.

A few months ago, Maharashtra charity commissioner Shivkumar Dige had carried out a survey where it was found out that private charitable hospitals lack boards or signage to clarify that they are a charity hospital. Also, at times poor patients aren’t admitted into the hospitals. Even the appearance of the hospital might cause a misunderstanding among patients, which makes them thing that it is an expensive hospital.

Keeping these factors in mind the charity commissioner is contemplating over the idea of starting mobile clinics, so that no one misses out on medical services, if they don’t have sufficient funds. The mobile clinics will visit slum areas and other poor localities so that people can access healthcare services at their doorstep.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Shivkumar Dige, stated,“It is mandatory for  private trustee hospitals to treat economically backward patients at a low-cost rate. But it has been observed that there are a few hospitals which don’t admit poor patients. Poor people also hesitate to approach such hospitals. Since poor people can’t approach the hospital, we will visit their localities.”

He added, “This mobile clinic will have all the necessary facilities. It will have doctors, pharmacists and pathologists. Apart from providing door-to-door services, we will also treat the poor who live at traffic signals and on the streets.”

Recently while speaking at an event, Maharashtra Governor C. Vidyasagar Rao, had directed charitable and trustee hospitals to start this initiative for starting mobile clinics to provide free medical clinics for the poor.”

These mobile clinics will help in benefiting the poor and providing vital healthcare services to them.