Maha: 3,778 infants died within the first hour after birth, state health minister

Maharashtra's Health Minister Dr Deepak Sawant, has admitted these shocking facts, in his written reply filed in the Maharashtra assembly.

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In his written reply to the Maharashtra assembly, Maharashtra’s Health Minister Dr Deepak Sawant stated,
  • 3,778 infants have died in Maharashtra, within first 24 hours after the birth 
  • Out of which 483 infants have lost their lives in Mumbai alone

To curb the increasing infants and child mortality rates in the country, the union government has undertaken various projects and schemes. Crores of rupees have been spent annually, but, the high child mortality rates remain a big challenge in front of the government.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, RTI activist Chetan Kothari said, “Maharashtra is witnessing a rise in a number of infants and child mortality. The BMC is not giving adequate information. The state machinery has still not reached to tribal areas. Malnutrition and not being able to receiving food which provides nutrition to the pregnant mother are the two reasons behind rise in infant mortality.”