Maha: 3 years jail for not treating poor?

Poor people are often denied of treatment by the hospitals. So, the charity hospitals who deny treatment to the poor and the destitute won’t be spared, as the directors will have to spend three years in jail. The state government has amended the law and an action would be taken against the charity hospitals which refuse free and discounted treatment to the poor and destitute


On Wednesday, Dr Ranjit Patil, Minister of state for home (urban) gave the information in the Legislative Council that; the government has amended the law and has imposed a new three-year sentence for hospitals rejecting treatment.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Shiv Kumar Dige, charity commissioner said, “The High Court has ordered that poor patients should get treatment at a discounted rate. But some hospitals ignore this order. A few months ago, a notice was issued to Nanavati Hospital. Now the government has amended the law. The law has been sent to the President for approval. After his approval, the Act will be implemented.”

He added, “Earlier there was punishment for 3 months and Rs 20,000 fine, as per the law. But, now the punishment has been extended up to 3 years. Also, one could get away easily. But, now the law is stringent.”

On September 12, the State Charity Commission office found out in the inquiry that Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital is violating the rules by avoiding free treatment to the poor patients; even the beds reserved for them were given to someone else and also the information regarding the schemes for poor people wasn’t displayed.

As per Dige, “I conducted the inquiry after I got to know that the hospital denies the treatment to the poor patients. In the inquiry the hospital’s claim of treating poor patients since the last five years, was false. Out of 66 reserved beds the poor patients’ were treated only on the 12 beds. Owing to which, the state government has amended the law and made it stringent.”