Maha: 13-months-old baby boy undergoes liver transplant

Apollo Hospitals in Navi Mumbai successfully performed a liver transplant on a critically ill one-year-old baby in February. He is the smallest baby, by weight at 6.5 kgs to have undergone a liver transplant in Maharashtra. The baby’s aunt Divya, donated a part of her liver to her nephew

Maha: 13-months-old baby boy undergoes liver transplant
Mrs Divya (Baby’s aunt and the donor) (left) and Mrs Ishani Mistry with Ram Mistry, the recipient

Ram Mistry was diagnosed with end stage liver disease due to a rare congenital condition called Biliary Atresia, which progressed to advanced liver cirrhosis within months of his birth. The parents of the baby, Ishani and Pritesh Mistry are based in Gujarat.

Finding a team familiar with who help in transplanting organs for small babies and managing the cost of treatment were the biggest concerns for the Mistrys.

This is when an NGO called ‘Transplants – Help the Poor’ Foundation stepped in to help them. A combination of charitable donations from the above NGO, along with funds arranged by the family and crowdfunding through, contributed the bulk of the transplant costs.

Talking about the case, Dr Darius F Mirza, Head of Liver Transplants, Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai said, “Biliary atresia is a rare disease in newborns where the liver’s bile ducts are absent and requires early surgical correction, which only works in 40% of cases. In this case, the transplant was needed very early in life.”

He added, “We are happy that baby Ram and his aunt who stepped forward to donate part of her liver are recovering well. Transplantation is all about teamwork and the above example of co-operation of multiple partners can help deliver this essential treatment.”

Maha: 13-months-old baby boy undergoes liver transplant
From left to right: Mrs Divya (baby’s aunt and the donor), Dr Darius Mirza, Head, Liver Transplant, Apollo Hospitals with Mrs Ishani Mistry and her son Ram

Commenting on their experience baby Ram’s mother, Ishani Mistry said, “Knowing that our child was going through all this, at such a tender age was stressful and traumatic. The cost of the surgery gave us sleepless nights. We are extremely grateful to the doctors and the staff and to all those who came forward to help us through their donations and contributions. Today, our child is alive due to all their efforts. I am indebted to my sister who came forward to donate a part of her liver. I wish and pray for her speedy recovery.”

Dr Narendra Trivedi, CEO, Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, said, “I am glad that we could save the life of an infant through this complex surgery. The gesture of his aunt coming forward to donate part of her liver is admirable. Not many know this, but liver is the only organ that grows by itself, even after having donated a part of it. As part of our CSR initiative, we subsidised the treatment and also thank the donors for their contributions, in saving the life of a 13-months-old baby.”