Lupin founder dies at 79, ex-employees pay tribute

A philanthropist, Dr Desh Bandhu Gupta will be remembered as a visionary, path-breaker and a nationalist who created a solid legacy of a global pharmaceutical company. Dr Gupta earned a Master of Science Degree (Chemistry) and had a vision to fight life threatening diseases of highest national priority by delivering good quality medicines at an affordable price

Lupin founder dies at 79, ex-employees pay tribute

Desh Bandhu Gupta, the founder and chairman of multinational pharmaceutical company Lupin Limited, passed away on June 26. He was 79 years old. Born in Alwar district in Rajasthan, he held a Master of Science Degree (Chemistry). He started his career as an associate professor at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani. In 1968, he founded Lupin with an initial investment of just Rs 5,000 which he had borrowed from his wife and then led the company tirelessly to give it a prestigious recognition it has today.

Dr DB Gupta’s children Vinita, CEO and Nilesh, MD of Lupin, in a statement, said, “We are deeply saddened with the demise of our father. What DBG put in motion 50 years ago in helping to create, innovate and lead in the pharmaceutical space is an unparalleled legacy.”

While talking to My Medical Mantra, his ex-co-workers paid tribute to him by sharing the flash of remembrance passed between them.

Lupin founder dies at 79, ex-employees pay tribute
Dr Vinay Nayak, Exectutive Director at Marksans Pharma Ltd

“DBG, these three alphabets means a lot to millions in different parts of the world,” said Dr Vinay Nayak, Exectutive Director at Marksans Pharma Ltd. “Shri DB Gupta, respectfully known as DBG, was an exceptional entrepreneur and visionary leader. I worked with him for four years and learned a lot from his personality and working style during this period. He was an extraordinary leader who built an empire starting merely from Rs 5,000. He managed extremely challenging situations and led the company through an unprecedented turn-around,” added Dr Nayak recalling DB Gupta.

One of the inspirational qualities of DB Gupta which is remembered fondly is his ambitiousness. He dreamt big and made his team to believe that those dreams are achievable. “Whenever I met him, he always spoke about big things. He used say that I may feel he was building castles in air, but he had faith on his team which would make it happen. He was very ambitious and used to be very confident about his team. This is why people always stood by him,” said Satish Khanna, ex-group president of Lupin Limited, while paying tribute to his fatherly figure.

Lupin founder dies at 79, ex-employees pay tribute
Satish Khanna, ex-group president of Lupin Limited

According to Lupin Limited’s official website, the company is the sixth largest generic pharmaceutical company globally by market capitalization and has turnover of USD 2.09 billion. This expansion of business is attributed to the courage and vision of DB Gupta. “He was a fighter. He never gave up in any adverse situation and always bounced back. That’s why he was inspirational figure for all of us,” added Khanna who worked with Lupin Limited for almost 25 years.

Dr DB Gupta was a firm believer in the concept of holistic development. He founded Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation (LHWRF) in 1988 to eradicate poverty by encouraging sustainable development at the grass route level in rural India.