Love sipping mango juice? Think twice as it could be unsafe

The Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raided a Mulund-based mango juice shop vendor on suspicion that artificial sweetener was being used in the products. The FDA officials seized mango juice, sugar and food colour worth Rs 8.87 lakh from a private company called Vijay Traders


Do you drink mango juice from outside? But are you sure that the mango juice that you are about to drink safe for consumption? Since the FDA has taken action against a private company in Mulund for selling mango juice of bad quality.

They were tipped off on receiving a complaint. As a part of their inspection campaign, they have seized goods worth 8,87,050 rupees.

With a rise in temperature in summer months, people take to the streets to quench their thirst. Juice vendors crop up around street corners selling sherbets, lime water, fruit juices and kokum sherbet. In the past, it has been revealed that a majority of them use dirty or contaminated ice.

After the incident of the lime juice seller using dirty water to make lime juice hit headlines. The BMC had started a campaign to inspect juice sellers across the city. The FDA also started a similar campaign across the 24 wards of Mumbai.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Sailesh Adhav, Joint Commissioner FDA (Food), said, “In the summer season, people prefer to drink cold drinks from the roadside to cool themselves down. The juice which vendors are selling could be harmful to health. After the incident at Kurla station, we stepped up our inspection campaign. The BMC had also started an inspection drive where they found out that 75% of lime water sold in Mumbai was unfit for consumption.”

He added, “We received a complaint against Vijay Traders in Mulund where the mango juice was not properly prepared. We carried out investigations and found this to be true. We took action, and took samples of the mango juice, if anyone is found guilty then strict action will be taken against them.”

In conclusion, Adhav said, “The juice vendors must have a licence from the FDA. But many of them have no licenses at all. Yet operate juice stalls. These stalls do not maintain hygiene or the fruits are rotten, the water or ice can be contaminated. We see such problems and the juice can be hazardous for health. We are carrying out our campaign. If possible, people must avoid consuming roadside juices.”