Lost legs not hope, says rail accident victim

24-years-old, Bibin Vilafrad David lost his legs in a train accident on Monday. He had just recovered from his previous medication, brain haemorrhage that struck him 2 years ago- surprisingly, on the same date, July 17th

Lost legs not hope, says rail accident victim

When tragedy hits you hard, it is said that you generally fall weak on your knees, but people like Bibin Vilafrad David tend to defy it. 24-years-old, Bibin Vilafrad David lost his legs in a train accident last week but that has not deterred his willingness of getting back to normal life. He is now waiting for artificial legs that will help him bounce back. He had earlier recovered from brain stroke, two years ago, coincidentally, on the same date- July 17th.

“That day was different. I was only focussing on how I could do my best as I had just recovered from my previous medication,” said David to his friends sitting in the hospital bed beside him. On the very same date, 17th July two years ago (2015), David had experienced a brain haemorrhage and had just recovered.

Lost legs not hope, says rail accident victim

At 9am, this year Bibin Vilafrad David was walking his way through the Diva station’s platform hurriedly while thinking of how all his miseries will come to an end. It was his day of induction at a company of his choice as a back-office executive at Airoli.

After missing four trains, he crammed and got into a Dombivili- CST train and was pushed to the entrance due to over-crowding, “He had missed about four trains already. All that he tells us repeatedly is that he did keep telling the people inside the train that he was right at the edge and had immense risk of falling. But unfortunately, right before reaching Thane Station, he fell on the tracks and his legs came under the wheels of the train,” said his friend, Harikrishnan Kanagambaram.

He was then taken to Thane hospital from there he was shifted to Sion Hospital. “He was lying there on the tracks for quite time and one of his friend’s, Ashutosh Salian from another compartment saw him and rushed to get the GRP and the station master, on whose insistence he was taken to Thane Hospital,” said Diana Pinto, Bibin’s relative (sister-in-law).

Lost legs not hope, says rail accident victim

But none of this has shattered his spirits. “I will join another office once I am fine. I can’t wait to start working,” says a cheerful David to his friends. Looking at his spirit, a lot of helping hands have pooled in. His devastated mother and younger brother seem to be completely in a state of shock at his state and David’s cheerful spirit is the only solace for the family.

“All of us have tried pooling in as much money as we can. We just hope Bibin recovers soon,” added liju Jaise.

Kirit Somaiya, a known BJP MP has also come forward to help him. Kirit Somaiya said, “I visited him in the hospital. We are helping him and we hope for his speedy recovery.”

“Kirit Somiya had also visited Bibin last week. His PA is constantly in touch with us and Bibin has been told that he will receive an Ottoboc c-walk 1c40 foot,” added Pratik Dama, another friend. This is a prosthetic foot known for reducing strain on the body, much unlike many other artificial feet.

To donate money or help David, you can donate in his mother’s account.

Name: – Prasanna Francis Vilafrad

A/c no: – 010310310000425

IFSC Code: – BKID0000103

Bank Name: – Bank Of India