Liver transplant under common man’s reach, KEM Hospital performs year’s first surgery

A 40-year-old patient at KEM Hospital in Mumbai got a cadaver liver for transplant on Tuesday after the Mumbai traffic police arranged green corridor. KEM Hospital has subsidised the cost to an estimate Rs3-5 lakh

Liver transplant comes under common man’s reach, KEM performs year’s first transplant
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After waiting for over a year, a 40-year-old patient at KEM Hospital in Mumbai got a cadaver liver for transplant on Tuesday. According to Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee (ZTCC), family of a 45-year-old man declared brain-dead after intracranial bleeding at Fortis Hospital agreed to donate his organs.

This is the first liver transplant in 2017 at KEM Hospital. So far, 11 cadaveric liver transplants have taken place in KEM Hospital.

“He had suffered end-stage liver disease. Luckily, we go a suitable donor. We are thankful that the Mumbai traffic police helped us with green corridor and within 25 minutes the organ was transported from Fortis Hospital to KEM,” said Dr Avinash Supe, Dean, KEM hospital.

The surgery was conducted on Tuesday (March 7) morning. In 2010, KEM Hospital had started liver transplant program. However, the hospital had to stop the program after both, recipient and donor, died in November 2010. The hospital then decided to start with cadaver liver transplant, but they only managed to do one in 2014.

“Liver transplant program in KEM is to make this surgery affordable to common man. We plan to start live transplant surgery soon,” said Dr Chetan Kantharia, Liver Transplant Surgeon, KEM Hospital.

In private hospitals, cost of liver transplant would go up to Rs25-30 lakh. But, KEM Hospital has subsidised the cost to an estimate Rs3-5 lakh. The hospital has appointed liver transplant surgeons and hepatologists as consultants.

“They will help us strengthen liver transplant program so that more needy patients get the benefits,” said Supe.

KEM Hospital’s liver transplant program has two state-of-the-art modular theatres and a fully-equipped six-bed intensive care unit with separate cubicles for each patient. The theatres have been designed on the lines of hospitals in western countries and the ward has boast a class-I laminar air flow which ensures high quality clean air to avoid infections in the patients. The hospital has also formed ‘WhatsApp detection program’ to identify brain-dead patients in the hospital.

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    Chetan sir is just next to god. Well done sir. It’s really appreciable as the cost is kept so down, and easily reachable to the poorest of people.
    But only one thing is very strange about KEM Hospital is that, the rate of cadaver donor is very very poor. Rather it should be the top notch hospital to provide cadaver donors in the city.As more than 80 % of accidental case is admitted here every day.
    Hope KEM RESPECTED AUTHORITIES, could make a statement in the city regarding this issue. And the other government hospitals too could take a pledge together.