Lifestyle changes have made us vulnerable to heart attacks

An early onset of heart ailments is well known problem, nowadays. Doctors say that one of the most important factors is the lifestyle that we have adopted. Earlier this week, a 24-year-old boy from Mumbai was admitted to Global Hospitals due a massive heart attack. All of this is an indicates that we do need to call out the early onset of heart attacks in people

Lifestyle changes have made us vulnerable to heart attacks

Heart attack in the current times is one of the most commonly heard health occurrences. The onset of heart ailments, a decade ago was in 60’s but seems like the onset now has dropped to 40’s now. But in a sad twist of events, even this seems to have dropped down now.

A 24-year-old boy from Mumbai has been admitted at Global Hospitals due a massive heart attack two days ago. What surprised the doctors further is that, he didn’t have any heart ailment or medical condition. No habits of smoking, drinking or cocaine consumption. Furthermore, records confirm that he doesn’t have any family history either.

Lifestyle changes have made us vulnerable to heart attacks
Dr Praveen Kulkarni

“This is what we are seeing among a lot of young people these days. Lifestyle is a major contributing factor when we talk about heart ailments. The demographic profile of people getting affected by ailments has changed,” said Dr Praveen Kulkarni, Cardiologist, Global Hospitals, Mumbai.

Lifestyle could be a major contributing factor for heart attacks. “Stress, physical inactivity and unhealthy eating habits could be non- quantifying factors for these ailments. Abnormal lifestyle is a very hazardous factor. Multiple studies across the world have proven this too. Lifestyle could be a major problem in case of this 24-year-old,” added Dr Kulkarni.

One of the most important factors is cardiac rehabilitation. “In our hospital, we generally tell patients, to work out in supervision at our cardiac rehab unit. This ensures that the person at least undergoes some low-grade cardiac exercises. This is the need of the hour. We constantly harm ourselves by unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle,” he added.

Recently, a study conducted by Saffolalife 2017 further added to this point. The study found that, in Mumbai, ‘long working hours, job stress, lack of sleep and long travelling hours are the key barriers which come in the way of making Mumbai’s heart healthy, in addition to the temptation of tasty food.’

“It is a known factor that sedentary lifestyle is a hazard for the heart. Over exercise or unstructured exercise could be a disaster too. We must be realistic as well as maintain sustained efforts for the heart. We do see a lot of young people too with heart ailments, the concrete reason for which is unknown,” said Dr Sudhir Pillai, consultant cardiologist at PD Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre.