Learn about how to tackle monsoon acne

Dr Rinky Kapoor, a Cosmetic Dermatologist & Dermato-Surgeon, The Esthetic Clinics, shares her views about the happening and tackling the acne problems in monsoon season

Monsoon: How to deal with fungal infections and other skin conditions

Monsoon is a time of the year when there is greenery all around.  One should enjoy monsoon without worrying about the effects of the humid weather on the skin.

The skin needs moisture for crucial reasons, it keeps the skin elastic, and firm. Our skin is resilient and can heal itself. However, we should not take this for granted.

Constant exposure of skin to the humid atmosphere renders it very susceptible to dehydration and damage. The weather changes during the monsoon are unpredictable, and neglect in skincare starts to show up in the form of acne, allergies, and rashes.

Reason for Acne

Humidity, combined with the heat of the summer, increases the sebum production in the skin, leading to an oily appearance, which then becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. The sticky face invites dust, dirt, and sweat, which clogs the skin pores leading to acne breakouts. Moreover, the skin becomes uneven and lifeless.

There may be instances where the person does not face acne problem in any other season, except monsoon. Acne can affect the back, arms, buttocks, and not just the face.

How to treat acne?

The key is to identify the skin type correctly and not to over-cleanse the skin. Over cleansing will dry out the skin, which, in turn, triggers the skin’s mechanism to hydrate i.e., leading to more sebum secretion, which leads to acne problem, and the cycle starts again.

Here are a few tips to keep the skin healthy and glowing in this monsoon season:

Use Neem leaves, fruit, and oil: Neem is an excellent antidote to pimples and acne.

There are various ways to use it:

  • Take a few neem leaves, and make a paste with turmeric, and milk. Apply the paste on the face and other affected areas, leave for ten minutes, and wash with cold water. You will end up with a blemish-free skin with a smooth texture.
  • Mix few drops of neem oil with coconut or almond oil, and apply on the affected areas to get rid of pimples
  • Gently massage the insides of the neem fruit on the acne or acne-prone area, and leave it to dry. Wash the face with water and gentle cleanser. Do this daily for an acne-free monsoon season.

Sugar to the rescue: Mix one tablespoon of honey with three tablespoons of brown sugar, and lightly scrub your face with this mixture and wash after 15 minutes. It will help prevent acne and make the skin clean and smooth.

Two-way potato: Potato fritters are the favourite dish in monsoon; did you know that use potatoes can fight monsoon acne too? Apply thin slices of potato or use potato juice on the affected areas and acne will disappear in no time.

Steam the pimples away: Steam your face for a few minutes regularly. It will help oven the pores and get rid of the problem of acne from the roots.

Astringent for oily skin: If you have naturally, oily skin, then use an astringent after cleansing your face. It will help remove the dirt and oil from the pores.

Drink ample water: Drink water and avoid too much tea, coffee, and alcohol, to prevent breakouts on the skin.

Wash your face regularly: Wash your face as soon as you come in from outside. Wipe the face with a soft towel or cloth.

If the problem of acne persists, then it would require a detailed investigation, and you should visit a good dermatologist to find the root cause of the problem, and get medical treatment.