Last minute tips for children studying for their SSC exams

Exams are a testing time for many students. As the exam date approaches closer fear and anxiety begin to increase. One exam does not determine your outcome in life. Dr Harish Shetty lists useful tips for students to put themselves at ease and continue studying without worrying unnecessarily

Last minute tips for children studying for their SSC exams

It is again that time of the year when students who are appearing for their board exams are under immense stress. Not just them, but even their parents and family members are under pressure. Most of the times, the expectations set by parents and family members prove to be an impediment in exam preparations for their kids.

10th standard exams are hyped beyond a reason. The performance actually does not make much difference to the lives of students but there is a general air of tension around them.

Your exams are approaching and you must be listening to a lot of sentences from people around, parents, teachers and neighbours.

Your neighbours get really excited when you are in 10th. They always ask you whether are you in the 10th? They never do that in ninth and eighth standard. Funny… When everybody is pointing fingers at you and outlets are new and you are extremely tense.

Remember when you study for 35 minutes take a break for five minutes, then start all over again. Stay away from the remote. Stay away from PUBG. Stay away from your gadgets. Now, just study.

You might certainly feel that certain chapters are very tough and certain pages, don’t move when the pages don’t move just go ahead and leave it aside as it is.

And as you finish the day, look at those pages and see it if you can crack it. If you can’t, take help, and if you just can’t crack it sleep over it next day you might be able to crack it much better.

Dr Harish Shetty
Dr Harish Shetty

You still have some time at least around a month and when you study remember many of you have this habit of sitting late at night like all the friends. It’s not easy to sit late at night and don’t sit late beyond midnight because you get up late in the morning and exams are also in the morning and may be if you adapt a style you might actually sleep in the examination hall.

You know that 10th standard is not a milestone it’s a stone with miles to go. Have you ever seen your teachers or your principals looking and putting their mark sheet on the wall? That never happened.

Plan it. Either you have a time table for a day or a timetable for a week. Make it a point to write few questions every day. When you study you will feel some subjects are easy and some are tough. Always spend more time on subjects which are difficult.

Early morning take up an easy subject to get a great start and after some time take difficult one. Don’t try to finish the portion all the time. Sometime you will not be able to study the portion. Look at the page.

Get relaxed for at least half an hour before the exam. As the exam approaches take few deep breaths. It helps your autonomic nervous to calm down which means your pulse, your blood pressure comes down. And your anxiety reduces.

Answer the best question first. So that flood in the mind opens and all the stuff in the brain drops on the examination paper. When you go to the next question you will feel ‘remember forgotten question.’

Remember 10th standard is just a practice match. It’s not a test match. It’s practice match for all the future exams.

All the best. Remember 10th standard is not a milestone it’s a stone with many miles to go