Lasik surgery popular among marriageable age girls

In the past 4 years, JJ Hospital has seen many women coming to them for lask surgery just before marriage. Of the 3,000 surgeries done in the hospital, 300 have got rid of glasses

Lasik surgery popular among marriageable age girls

Mumbai’s JJ Hospital is becoming popular among women of marriageable age with specs. Eye surgeons working at the hospital say in last four years, they have seen increasing number of women coming for lasik surgery only to get freedom from their specs before marriage.

Some of these women have had the sad history of being rejected in their proposal.

Over 3,000 patients with specs have been undergoing Lasik surgery in the past four years at Sir JJ Group of Hospitals. Of which there are 300 girls say that specs could have been a reason for the rejection.

“Many of the girls who came for the treatment struggled to get married. Girls come to the hospital to lower the number of their specs. So after eye surgery, they were given new vision and hope,” said Dr Shashi Kapoor,  ophthalmologist at JJ Hospital.

Dr. Kapoor further said that youngsters get specs at an early age.  “Lasik eye surgery is done in merely five minutes at JJ Hospital. After which there is no need for the patients to wear specs,” he said. While the Lasik surgery cost in private hospital is Rs 25,000, in JJ Hospital it is around Rs 10,000.

Radhika Mukherjee, a Byculla resident who is one of the women who got lasik surgery done at JJ Hospital said, “My spectacles were a hindrance of getting good marriage proposal. I couldn’t afford a costly lasik surgery at private hospitals. JJ Hospital was a boon for me.” Now married, Radhika says she can now clearly see without specs.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra Dr Tatyarao Lahane, dean of Sir JJ Group of hospitals said, “Due to specs many girls face problems during marriages. I had given a proposal to the State Government, that Lasik surgery should be even available in the Government hospital. Due to the treatment, many girls have successfully got rid of their specs. Many girls come and visit the hospital. Some of them, even give their engagement and marriage invitations. I have attended marriage of 125 girls.”