Lactathon: 300 nursing students march for creating breastfeeding awareness

Breastfeeding plays a very crucial role in the overall development of a child. It helps build immunity power in the children. Doctors say there is no alternative for breastfeeding. To spread this message loud and clear, as many as 300 nursing students from Mumbai took to the streets on Friday, August 10. August 01 to August 08 was observed as World Breastfeeding Week    


  • To spread the awareness and importance of breastfeeding, around 300 nursing students took to the city street on Friday.
  • Students belonging to Sewa Mandal Education Society College of Nursing, carried out a ‘Lactathon’ to raise awareness about breastfeeding.
  • Many students, from the city’s various nursing colleges took part in this march.


While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Namrata Kubal, an Associate Professor of Sewa Mandal Education Society College of Nursing, said, “We had organised the march to spread the awareness about Breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is important for both the mother and the child. Through different posters and banners, we tried to spread awareness about the importance of Breastfeeding.”

The march was named ‘Lactathon’ to raise awareness about lactation.


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