Lack of sleep can kill, warn doctors

Six to eight hours sleep is mandatory and before going to bed one should avoid having tea, coffee, smoking, alcohol, mobile phones and electronic gadgets it affects functioning of brain and causes lack of sleep.

lack-of-sleepDid you know that there is all but one common cause of all the dreaded disease we are facing today? It is – lack of sleep!

Doctors treating patients for heart ailments, hypertension, diabetes, depression, obesity, etc., have found one thing to be common amongst all their patients. They are all sleep deprived.

Renowned cardiologist Dr. Shahid Merchant, was recently surprised to see Arif Khan, one of is 25-year-old patient, suffering from a massive heart attack. “Due to lack of sleep and smoking he suffered from massive heart attack,” Merchant said.

Merchant also said that people working in the call centres and late nights are at a major risk of health deprivation early in their lives. “Call centres generally have night shifts which usually deprives people of sleep, causing them hypertension, stress and other diseases,” said Merchant.

He further said, six to eight hours sleep is mandatory and before going to bed one should avoid having tea or coffee, smoking and alcohol, it affects functioning of brain and causes lack of sleep.

Doctors say social media exposure, gadget addiction, long working and travelling hours, demanding corporate jobs are few reasons that have contributed to sleep disorders.

“Insufficient sleep and insomnia are highly prevalent among youngsters and working class. Most of them are untreated and have a negative impact on health. It affects the emotional balance too,” said Dr Anil Ballani, physician at Lilavati hospital.

He said patients often come for the treatment of hypertension and diabetes and while taking down their history, it is found that lack of sleep is a common problem which hasn’t been addressed for years.

Insomnia is affecting all age group specially teenagers, and people in 25-35 age group. Youngsters require 8 hours of sleep, middle age group requires 5-6 hours of sleep and senior citizens require a minimum of 4-5 hours of sleep. However due to stress, migraines, tension related headaches, being on social media for long hours in night, lack of sleep is seen as a major problem in youngster, which affects hormones, inefficiency at work and concentration also decreases,” said Ballani.

Studies show that apart from serious health hazards like heart attack, lack of sleep affects metabolism rate and can cause loss of memory. “Sleep deprived person tend to eat more and thus obesity is a common problem in such people,” said Dr Jayshree Todkar, bariatric surgeon and founder of JT foundation.

Good sleep is a necessity because a fatigued body repairs itself during sleep. “Healthy sleep depends on three factors – quantity of sleep, depth and diseases hampering the sleep. Length of sleep is affected in a workaholic person or person with high responsibility. This leads to drop in efficiency in the long run and can cause chronic fatigue,” said Todkar.

Dr Sagar Mundada, psychiatrist at KEM hospital said, “Body and brain rejuvenates when a person sleeps. Insomnia is one of the main reasons to cause decline of mental health.”

“I came across a person 35-years-old who was unable to sleep for the past one and half months. He only slept for two hours a day because of which he developed suicidal tendencies,” Mundada said.