Kolhapur: Young wrestler injured during a wrestling match, dies

Budding wrestler Nilesh Kandurkar, from Kolhapur, Maharashtra, lost his battle for life on Friday morning. Nilesh was critical after suffering severe injuries in a wrestling match on Monday. He was immediately rushed to the hospital, where he remained in a critical state for four days

Injured wrestler Nilesh
Injured wrestler Nilesh
Nilesh Kandurkar, the 20-year-old budding wrestler, who had suffered severe neck injuries in a wrestling match on Monday, succumbed to his injuries on Friday in Karad’s Krishna hospital.
Doctors tried their best to revive Nilesh, but their efforts went in vain. Nilesh breathed his last at 5 AM on Friday. Nilesh’s death has shaken the family members and the entire wrestling fraternity in Kolhapur.
While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Sanjay Khot, Nilesh’s brother said, “We had nurtured a dream for years, that one day Nilesh will represent India at the international level. But, the destiny wanted it otherwise. Nilesh took his last breath around 5 AM on Friday.”
On Monday, Nilesh, in a local tourney, had suffered severe injuries on his neck, as his opponent tried to maneuver attacking skills, owing to which Nilesh, had hit the ground hard on his neck. Nilesh suffered neck and spinal cord damage due to the massive blow.
Nilesh was shifted to a local hospital in Kolhapur and was later admitted to Krishna hospital in Karad, Kolhapur. But, four days after his accident, Nilesh lost his battle for the life.