Kolhapur: Wrestler suffers a severe neck injury, in critical state

A 20-year-old Wrestler from Kolhapur, Maharashtra, suffered a severe neck injury while competing in a wrestling match on Monday. Nilesh is currently undergoing treatment at Karad's Krishna hospital. Doctors say, his condition is critical and he’s battling for life

Injured wrestler Nilesh
Injured wrestler Nilesh

Dreams of a budding 20-year-old wrestler came crashing down when he suffered a critical neck injury in a local wrestling tournament. Hailing from Kolhapur, Maharashtra, Nilesh Kandurkar was unbeaten in the local tournament and had a dream a be a big wrestler one day. Unfortunately, on Monday, his dreams came to an end, when he met with an accident, which left him battling for his life.

Nilesh had participated in the wrestling competition in Kolhapur and suffered critical hits, while his opponent was trying attacking maneuvers in the field. Nilesh hit the ground hard and landed on his neck, and was unable to move. He was immediately rushed to local hospital.

According to the doctors, Nilesh has suffered severe neck injuries and also hurt his spine badly, due to the sudden hard impact.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Nilesh’s cousin said, “The unfortunate accident happened on Monday evening. As per doctor’s advice, we decided to shift him to Mumbai. But, while shifting him, few complications developed so, we have admitted him to Krishna Hospital in Karad.”

Nilesh who had a dream to be a world-class wrestler one day, comes from a middle-class family in Kolhapur.

Maharashtra cabinet minister, Chandrakant Patil, who himself hails from Kolhapur, has offered all possible medical help for the injured wrestler. Patil has offered to bear all the medical expenses and has also directed the coordinating officer of Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, Kolhapur, to monitor the treatment on regular basis.