Kolhapur: Woman who had stroke while pregnant, safely delivers baby

Thirty-seven-year-old Sukanya Jadhav (name changed) delivered a baby boy, in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Her case was a rare one, as Sukanya was suffering from the after effects of a brain stroke while she was pregnant. In these cases, the delivery becomes a challenging task. But, she never gave up

Kolhapur: Woman who had stroke while pregnant, safely delivers baby
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Nine years later, the long and never-ending wait of a 37-year-old Sukanya Jadhav (name changed) finally got over, and she received the biggest gift of her life as she got pregnant. Everyone, in her life, was very happy. The celebrations were about to begin, but on the very next day, she suffered a massive brain stroke.

Doctors had advised her to terminate the pregnancy. But, she rejected their and never gave up on her baby. She fought a long, nine-month battle against the implications of the stroke, with her baby in her womb, and eventually, they both won it. Sukanya, against all the odds, delivered a baby boy in Kolhapur.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Sukanya, said, “Doctors advised me to terminate the pregnancy. I thought this is it, and it is the end of my life. But, after speaking to Dr Patki, I gathered my strength again. That is when I felt ‘we,’ I and my child, have won half the battle. My child supported me a lot, and now, he is in my arms.”

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, IVF specialist Dr Satish Patki said, “She had suffered a brain stroke, and there was internal bleeding in the brain. But, she wanted to continue her pregnancy. So, every day we used to administer her with 100 MG injection to prevent blood clots in the body. A single day without the injection could have proved fatal for her. We did her sonography every day to monitor the development of the foetus. And, now she has delivered a baby.”

Dr Patki added, “When a woman suffers brain stroke during the pregnancy the delivery is always challenging. These cases are rare.”

Experts say, if a woman suffers a brain stroke during her pregnancy, doctors always advise them to terminate their pregnancy. It can pose a threat to both mother and the child.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Ashok Anand, Head of the Gynaecology department of Mumbai’s state-run JJ hospital, said, “If a woman is suffers from a stroke during the pregnancy, the delivery becomes a challenging task. Special treatment has to be given to the patient. It is likely that the woman might suffer from hypertension. Special care of a mother and the foetus should be taken.”

While Dr Ashwinikumar Suresh Patil, Head of the Neurology department of Mumbai’s civic-run KEM hospital, said, “If the heartbeats are irregular, blood clots can develop in the body. This can trigger a brain stroke. In this case, the woman was suffering from cerebral venous thrombosis. Doctors give an injection to prevent blood clots from developing in the body.”