Kolhapur: A little bit of mischief cost this 23-year-old his life

Who would have imagined that a harmless prank could have disastrous consequences for a 23-year-old young man in Kolhapur

Kolhapur New

The unfortunate incident took place on Monday, September 03, in a clothing factory in Kolhapur where Aditya Jadhav works at.

A friend of his approached him on the pretext of cleaning his shirt with a pipe of compressed air, and then proceeded to move the pipe towards Aditya’s anus, although his friend did not insert the pipe into his anus, the sheer force of the compressed air caused the air to enter Aditya’s stomach through his rectum.

This made his stomach bulge due to the air pressure and Aditya instantly collapsed on the floor. His colleagues thought that Aditya was playing along with the prank and was pretending to be unconscious. But, few moments later his colleagues rushed him to the hospital when they noticed that something was amiss and Aditya would not get up off the floor.


He was admitted to the hospital for fifteen days and passed away last night (September 19).

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Police inspector, Sitaram Dubal, from the Kolhapur police said, “The incident happened on September 03. The workers who worked at the garment factory usually played innocent pranks on each other, with the air compressor pipe; they would use it to clean their shirts with this.”

Dubal added, “While playing a similar prank, the accused had held the compressor pipe near the victim’s anus. The air entered inside his body and his colleagues admitted to Diamond Hospital as he failed to regain consciousness. He was undergoing treatment at the hospital, but he died on Wednesday night. We have registered a case against the accused.”

Dr Amit Gharat, a gastroenterologists working in Mumbai, said, “In this case, the sudden force and accumulation air in the large and small intestines caused significant damage to these organs. The air might have ruptured the intestines due to which internal bleeding could have occurred. The only cure for this is surgery. In a situation like this emergency medical care can play an important role. Otherwise, the situation can turn fatal very soon.”