Know why your doctors won’t be available on January 2

New Year doesn’t sound like a ‘happy one’ so far. With IMA planning to go on a 12-hour-strike tomorrow, there is a lot of anxiety about what will be the next. This ‘black-day’ is to mark protest against the proposed NMC Bill


This New Year doesn’t seem to be a very pleasing one for the modern medical doctors. There has been a tussle between government and the doctors regarding the National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill. The NMC bill isn’t a good one according to the doctors and the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has strongly been opposing it. Therefore, the association of doctors, the IMA have decided to go on a nationwide 12-hour-strike on January 2. Doctors will observe this day as ‘black day’.

According to the doctors’

  • NMC Bill is against poor patients
  • This issue is against democracy

Hence, IMA, has called for a 12-hour strike on January 2. The doctors will not be working from 6am to 6pm. However, only emergency cases will be attended to. Indian Medical Association has informed all the members across the country.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, IMA member and President of Maharashtra Medical Council, Dr Shivkumar Utture said, “We have been discussing with the government about the NMC Bill since the year. However, there is still no concrete result from the government. The new bill will increase corruption. No one will be afraid of private medical colleges. We will observe black-day on January 2 by protesting against it.”

The newly elected President of Indian Medical Association Dr Ravi Wankhedkar also appealed to the doctors to the doctors to be united in times of need. Dr Wankhedkar said that if the doctor’s demands are not to be accepted, then the surgical strike will be done. The statement was made by the IMA at the conference in Mumbai.

What comes as being very clear from all of this is that the doctors are very sure of this opposition. If the government does not accept the demands, there will be action taken within next six weeks- the doctors have been issued an indication of nationwide agitation. The nationwide strike on 2 January will be the first step in this fight against the government.

According to sources, IMA Medical Student’s Network has also declared strike tomorrow.