Know Mumbai doc’s journey from a patient to counsellor

Often, patients and their relatives stress out when the doctors inform them that there is no option other than transplantation. Numerous questions like, now what? Whom to consult? How to acquire liver? Arise in the mind. So, to comfort the patients and help them to get back on the track, This Mumbai doctor, who has undergone liver transplantation, is going extra miles by counseling patients, by helping them to cope and encouraging them to embrace life


Meet Dr Anil Suchak, who resides in Malad (west) and also owns a hospital there. Since past 38 years, Dr Suchak is serving the patients. Now,  he also counsels them.

When Dr Suchak was on duty at Titwala, near Mumbai, he met with an accident. While returning from Titwala to Malad, his bike dashed against the truck and he suffered back and stomach injury. But, doctor’s efforts save his life. But, after 10 years, he suffered from stomach ache and his test revealed that he had hepatitis C. for which, he took medications for four years, which didn’t work. In the year 2006, a liver biopsy which was done in London revealed liver failure. Accordingly in 2007, on February 19, Dr Subhash Gupta, liver transplant specialist at Apollo Hospital performed his transplantation.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Suchak said, “I was scared after I got to know about my liver failure. We were shocked. I did not know what to do. I constantly thought that what will my family, if something happens to me. Before 10 years, there was no awareness regarding organ donation. My brother-in-law donated his 800 gram liver to me due to which I got a new lease of life.”

Dr Anil Suchak with his wife Abha
Dr Anil Suchak with his wife Abha

He added, “People who are referred by the other doctors approach me. They are stressd and scared. So, I try to ease their pain and make them understand by resolving their queries. I tell them about what to do for organ donation, how to take care and so on.”

24-year-old Gauri Rane, who lives in Borivali, recently underwent liver transplant in Apollo Hospital and now she is recovering.

“Since childhood, I suffered from stomach ache. But, in the year 2016, the pain was unbearable and the test revealed liver failure. I did not know what to do and my parents were scared as my health was deteriorating. After which, my relatives advised me to consult Dr Suchak. He made me understand about transplantation, Zonal Transplant Coordination Center (ZTCC), who can donate organs. He also told me that there is nothing to fear after liver failure. I came to know about the importance of organ donation due to Dr Suchak,” said Rane.