Know how this brave heart is fighting with this rare syndrome

A disease could be devastating for anybody. A banking professional from Mumbai, who is getting treated in different parts of the country, has started researching on the rare condition he was diagnosed with - Isaac Syndrome. He speaks with My Medical Mantra about his journey so far

Know how this brave heart is fighting with this rare syndrome
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For 38-year-old Mukesh Sharma (name changed), a Mumbai resident,  who is a result-oriented professional, with master’s in business management offering over 12 years of successful career with diverse roles distinguished in Sales, Business Development and Fundraising. For him, life was all but goal-driven.

As the saying goes, ‘Life is like a rollercoaster ride’. During February 16, Sharma, was caught unaware by a rare disorder while performing his daily chores. He experienced progressive stiffness, delayed muscle relaxation, muscle twitching, pain in legs and back area, cramping, lots of weakness, muscle wasting and calf muscle hypertrophy.

“These symptoms generally persist throughout the day, even during sleep. Isaac syndrome is a result of muscular hyperactivity. Patients may present with muscle cramps, stiffness, slow relaxation, associated walking difficulties, quivering of muscles, cramps, weakness, muscle wasting, fasciculation, fatigue, hypertrophy, exercise intolerance and other related symptoms. The etiology of the disease remains unclear,” says Sharma, a long distance runner with leisure interests like playing table tennis.

Ever since he was diagnosed with this condition, he has been running to hospitals all across the country, only to realise that there is little or no knowledge about this syndrome.

“As it’s said that passions are built but interests are discovered, volunteering gave me the platform to be professionally social and then raise awareness about Isaac Syndrome, assist in finding a cure and make a difference,” added Sharma.