#KikiChallenge: Get in to the car, says Mumbai police

Social media is known to come up with some or the other sort of challenges ever few months, to entice youngsters into challenges which can often be dangerous to their well-being. And now it has brought out another challenge which is seriously ignoring road safety, called the #KikiChallenge


Jumping out of a moving car to break into a dance may seem bizarre. But that’s exactly what social media users are doing as part of the latest internet sensation, the #KikiChallenge or #InMyFeelingsChallenge, that’s making waves in India too.

It’s been weeks ever since this viral song has been out. People are taking up the KiKi challenge which is being said to dangerous by not only Indian police but foreign police as well.

What is the Kiki Challenge?

As per the challenge, the participant has to move out of a slow-moving car and dance on the track In My Feelings recreating the signature steps. The driver will record the video, which will go on the social media with hashtag #KiKiChallenge. It started off with a bit of fun but now it has become a global safety issue. Police around the world are warning people against the challenge.

As expected, jumping out of a moving car and dancing on a busy road involves multiple risks including getting hit by the car.

Police forces across India and abroad have taken a note of the #KikiChallenge and are doing their best to sensitise the youth to keep away from such impractical stunts which can put them in harm’s way.

Dr Sagar Mundada, a consultant psychiatrist at Health Spring Clinic, Mumbai said, “People are aimlessly running behind the latest trends on social media, people will do anything for attention these days. In order to make a video ‘viral’ they are willing to cross any limits. Kiki challenge encourages an attention seeking mind-set. People want to increase their likes. Taking ones safety for granted, just for the sake of a few likes can be dangerous as a person risk’s their life for a short-lived amount of fame.”

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, regarding the mind-set of people who are influenced to take up this challenge, Dr Sagar Karia, a psychiatrist, from Mumbai’s civic-run Sion hospital said, “People with impulsive and risk taking behaviour traits participate in such challenges. At times, youngsters give in and take part in this challenge due to peer pressure.  The consequences of this challenge can be dangerous as people are prone to accidents.”