#KeralaFloods: Maha to send team of 60 doctors to provide medical aid

In Kerala, fear of outbreaks of epidemics like dengue, chikungunya, malaria, diarrhoea, typhoid, leptospirosis, cholera, jaundice and viral fever in the state post flood. The number of leptospirosis cases reported since 1 June stands at 292. Fear is being expressed that all such cases will increase more now.


  • To help the Kerala state government and to provide medical aid to the flood-affected people, the Maharashtra government has decided to send a team of 60 doctors to Kerala.
  • The team will carry the necessary medicines, and is expected to leave on Monday afternoon.  
  • Maharashtra’s Medical Education Minister Girish Mahajan will be leading the team.
  • Over 82,000 people in Kerala have been displaced due to the floods that have ravaged the state over the last nine days.
  • More than 324 people have been killed between and, more than 3,14,000 people have been shifted to 2,094 relief camps.

Kerala is witnessing the worst flood in the past 100 years. While the rescue and relief operations have given a new lease of life to people in the state, preparations for post-flood disease management have started in full swing. It is now the time that many waterborne diseases will start spreading in the state.

As the government is setting up health care camps, private hospitals in flood-affected areas are closed due to severe inundation.


In order to help the flood-affected people, Maharashtra government has decided to send a team of 60 doctors to Kerala

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Girish Mahajan, Medical Education Minister said,  “Maharashtra government is in constant touch with the Kerala government. We are extending all our support to Kerala government to provide medical facilities to the people. The first team of 60 doctors will leave tomorrow afternoon. They will stay there for a week and then after analysing the condition more doctors will be sent.”

Girish Mahajan further said, “We are taking all the necessary medicines as per the requirement government sent by Kerala government. chocolate bar, protien bar, blankets will be provided to needy people.”


The entire state of Kerala is on red alert with more rains expected. Defence forces and disaster response teams already in the state for the past few days are busy putting up makeshift bridges and clearing roads. Cochin Airport will remain shut till August 26.

A red alert was sounded in all 14 Kerala districts. All three wings of the armed forces have been pressed into action for a massive rescue operation.

Casualty numbers are expected to increase further, with thousands of more people still stranded. Many have died from being buried in hundreds of landslides set off by the flooding.