Kerala govt warns about impending second phase of Nipah virus

After successfully controlling the first phase of Nipah virus, the Kerala government on Friday, June 01, has warned about a possibility of a second phase as well. Kerala's Health Minister K. Shailaja h informed the press that the government is gearing up to tackle the second phase

J P Nadda assures support to Kerala government to manage Nipah virus outbreak

  • Nipah Virus has claimed 16 lives so far in Kerala and 17 people are currently undergoing treatment in the hospital
  • The Kerala government has asked the doctors and the staff of the Tukul hospital to proceed on leave.
  • 80 rooms in the Kozhikode medical college have been kept separate for the Nipah patients.

The brain-damaging Nipah virus, has claimed 16 lives so far, the Kerala government has issued a warning of a possible second phase outbreak as well. K. Shailaja, Health Minister of Kerala while speaking to the press on Friday, said, “We are getting ready to tackle the second phase as there are chances that the virus has spread, since it is contagious. We have imported medical materials to keep our hospital staff safe. We are training them as well.”

Precautions taken by the Kerala government

Hospital staff of the Tuluk has been asked to go on leave as they are the ones who had come in contact with the Nipah patients first.

Schools in Kozhikode and Mallapuram to be opened on June 12.

People have been asked to avoid crowded places.

Medicine has been imported from Australia and the doctors and staff is being trained to handle it.

Although there is no need to panic regarding Nipah in Maharashtra, the government has issued guidelines to the health officers. Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Pradeep Awate, head of the infectious disease cell, said, “Nipah has been localised by the Kerala government. There is absolutely no need to be worried. The government has given all the due guidelines and training to the staff to identify the symptoms. Information is being given to the health officers time and again.”