KEM Hospital to set-up one-stop centre for rape, acid attack victims

Mumbai’s civic-run KEM Hospital is soon going to start a one-stop centre for victims of rape, child abuse and acid attacks. This centre will help reduce the time that these traumatised woman have to spent at the hospital for medical examinations

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The centre aims to have gynaecologists, physiatrists, forensic experts under one roof. This will help speed up the process of preparing the medical reports which have to be handed over to the police and courts.

Now, the sexually abused women and girls will have a dedicated centre for them. This centre will be started at the casualty department to KEM Hospital, so that a woman or child doesn’t have to wander from one department to the other. The centre aims to provide the medical reports within 24 hours.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Ravindra Deokar, a senior doctor  and associate professor from the Forensics department, said, “In order to treat the victims in accordance to the law, we aim to provide quicker reports to the victims and also counsel them at this centre. Before, they would be taken to the gynaecology department first and then to the  psychiatric department to be counselled. Procedures such as forensics, medical test and counselling will be done in the same place.”

KEM Hospital has been treating and examining women and girls who have been sexually abused since 2012. They have also treated acid attack victims. KEM Hospital witnesses approximately 150 to 200 cases like this each year.

Dr RR Satoskar, head of the department of surgery, KEM, said, “The victims had to face difficulties as they were traumatised. They didn’t know where to seek treatment once they came to the hospital. We have considered opening a centre so that we can provide medical services and counselling at these centres.”

Forensic Juriscon (Medicolegal Conference 2018)

KEM Hospital will be hosting the 21st annual state conference of Medicolegal Association of Maharashtra (MLAM), on October 27 and 28. The theme of the conference this year is ‘Innovations and Reforms in Forensic Medicine.’ Forensic doctors working in civic-hospitals in Mumbai will participate in this conference, along with doctors across rural and urban areas in Maharashtra. Advocates, police officers such as DCP’s will also participate in this conference.

Subjects discussed with this conference will me about sexual abuse from a Medicolegal perspective, child abuse, cardiac deaths – medicolegal aspects, pharmacovigilance-medicolegal perspective, cadaver organ retrieval – Medicolegal perspective and various other subjects.