KEM Hospital to provide high-tech facilities to patients

Monday marked the 92nd anniversary of the KEM Hospital. On its foundation day, special programmes were organised in the hospital. During this program, new projects have been undertaken to provide health facilities to the patients. In this, various changes in the hospital will be carried out for the patient’s convenience

KEM Hospital holds a unique radiology workshop

  • An action plan prepared by the hospital was unveiled in the programme.
  • The plan was made to ensure there is proper planning if an emergency arises in the hospital.
  • This action plan was prepared to identify injured and the dead patients in emergency.
  • How can control the crowd? Availability of the medicines. Immediate medical attention to the injured. In the emergency, how to reduce the stress of the patient’s relatives. Food facility for the patients and their relatives. The emergency patients will be treated in the individual wards. Are the instructions mentioned in the action plan.
  • A board containing the information about the dos and don’ts during the emergency will be put up in the hospital.

Speaking about this, Dr Avinash Supe, Dean of KEM Hospital said, “Several projects have been undertaken on the hospital’s foundation day. The BMC will provide 250 ventilators in the BMC hospitals for the patients. For which, the process has started, and the work is in the final phase. The KEM Hospital will get 75 new ventilators. The BMC will try to give 1 ventilator for 1 bed for the ICU. There will be 5 high-tech operation theatres in which the monitors, tables, camera, 3D endoscopy and the implant surgeries will be available. Also, one new ICU will be constructed of which the work is in progress.”