KEM Hospital students create navigation maps to assist patients

Searching for different departments and places in a hospital can be quite time-consuming for patients and relatives. In order to make this a convenient process, students from KEM Hospital, Parel have come together and prepared navigational map to help people who visit the hospital  

KEM Hospital students create navigation maps to assist patients

Finding your way inside a hospital can be difficult at times and can be a tedious process. When an emergency strikes and each and every minute is crucial, it especially takes a mental toll on the relatives of the patient.

In order to ease this burden and make finding different departments and wards much easier, students of Mumbai’s civic-run hospital have prepared a navigational map. This navigation map has been placed in nine strategic junctions. This will facilitate the movement of people in the hospital.

KEM Hospital students create navigation maps to assist patients

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Avinash Supe, Director of major civic hospitals and Dean of KEM Hospital said, “Our students have prepared the patient navigation maps. I appreciate their concern for the patient’s needs. They not only created these maps as per patients needs but also printed and installed them across KEM Hospital through their funds. I am really proud of my students for their attitude, creativity and concern.”

Dr Supe further added, “Thousands of patients and their relatives visit KEM Hospital daily. But, in order to guide them, we are short-staffed. So, the second and third year students prepared 20 odd maps. They have worked on this for two months. With the help of the navigation maps, patients and their relatives will find it easy to find their desirable location.”

  • Sudhir Kapoor