‘Keep dahi handi out of money and politics’

In 2009, Bhiwandi resident Nagesh Bhoir, who met with an accident during dahi handi, appealed to the government for capping the height of the human pyramids. While, his friend also opined that the mandals shouldn’t politicise dahi handi and some concrete measures should be taken regarding the same

“Keep dahi handi out of money and politics”

In 2009, Nagesh Bhoir, a Bhiwandi resident who was 22-years-old, fell on the ground from the topmost part of a human pyramid and suffered a spinal injury. His lower body was paralysed, after which, he is bed ridden. It has been seven to eight years, since the unfortunate incident occurred. But still, the memories of that tragic day haunt him.

While recollecting the memory of that fateful day Nagesh said, “Dahi handi brings excitement every year. But when I remember that unfortunate day, I get goose bumps. So the government should curb the height and the govinda’s should also ensure their safety.”

Nagesh Bhoir
Nagesh Bhoir

Every year hundreds of govida’s suffer injuries while trying to break the handi. Last year 160 govinda’s had suffered serious injuries.

Adding to it Nagesh’s friend Prashant Shete, said “Dahi handi shouldn’t be politicised in the name of competition and money, and i urge that organisers should take some concrete steps regarding the same.”

Nagesh was placed on the topmost tier of the pyramid while breaking the dahi handi. Suddenly the rope came off and he lost his balance. After which, he fell on the ground and his spine was injured. His family and friends admitted him to KEM hospital in Parel and for the further treatment; he was shifted to Bombay Hospital. Doctors informed that due to spine injury, he got paralysed. After treating him for a month, he was discharged.

Until now, Nagesh’s family has spent five to six lakhs on the treatment and his friends are also helping him financially.  “I feel bad as my old father has to work to earn livelihood,” said Nagesh.

Currently, Nagesh is taking treatment through stem cells and he is improving. While talking to My Medical Mantra, Brain and Spine Institute Deputy Director Dr. Nandini Gokulchandran said, “Few months ago, Nagesh visited me for the treatment, he is taking treatment through stem cells and he will be able to walk within three-four years.”