Maha: Five people, including 2 firemen drown in well

In an unfortunate incident three children lost their lives today, as they accidentally fell inside a deep well while playing outdoors


According to information provided by the Kalyan Fire Brigade:

  • The incident took today (Thursday) afternoon in Kalyan East.
  • It happened near a well located near Netivali road, Lokgram.
  • Five people including two firemen died due to drowning.
  • Rescue operations are underway to recover their bodies.

As per information provided by Thane City Police Control, one person had gone near the well to clean it. But, he fell inside. To rescue him, two more people had entered into the well but got stuck inside. Then, the firemen who had come to rescue them also died due to drowning as they couldn’t get out.  The bodies have been sent to Rukhmini Hospital in Kalyan.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Pratap Dighekar, Thane additional CP, said, “A cleaner came to the well for the purpose of cleaning it. The locals informed us that he drowned inside the well. In order to save him, two people descended into the well, but, they could not save him and lost their life as well. To firemen entered the well to retrieve the bodies, but they too died in the process. There is a gutter adjacent to the well. The locals told us that the sewage contained chemicals, samples have been sent to the labs to ascertain whether these chemical or their fumes could have killed them. The bodies have been sent for post-mortem as well. We will investigate this incident further once the reports come in.”