#Justicefordipali: Doctors launch online campaign

Dipali Lahamate, intern at the Nair Hospital Dental College lost her life after being hit by a speeding car. The doctors of civic-run Nair Dental College have started an online campaign, seeking stern action against the guilty by seeking justice for Dipali


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  • On Marh 24, around 4:00 pm, after work. Like every day, Dipali stepped out of the hospital.
  • Dipali was hit by a speeding car.
  • Dipali was undergoing treatment at Sir JJ Group of Hospitals.
  • She wasn’t responding to treatment. On Friday, she lost her life.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr, Neelam  Andrade, Head, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Nair Dental College said, “ Dr Dipali was our student. She was seriously injured in the road accident. Due to excessive blood loss. She lost her life. The culprit was arrested and released immediately. We oppose it. To punish the culprit, the intern doctors from the hospital have come together and launched an online campaign.”

The angry doctors have launched an online campaign #Justicefordipali. Speaking abut this campaign, Bani Adhavayu, intern, said, “We have launched this online campaign so that Dipali gets justice. The Nair Dental College students have started  Facebook campaign on its Facebook page. The culprit was granted bail. While, Dipali’s condition didn’t improve after the accident. So, on www.change.org  an online petition has been made for justice.”

She added, “Dipali lost her life due to the accident. If the person by whose care the accident occurred had took her to the hospital on time. She could have been saved. Instead, the person just ran away. The campaign has been launched so that the culprit gets punished.”