‘JIPMER’ india’s first govt institution to perform Cadaveric hand transplant 

JIPMER is India’s first government institution to achieve this milestone. In a 16 hours surgery, both forearms and hands from a 50 year old brain dead donor was transplanted in a 16 year old bilateral below-elbow amputee

JIPMER, Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Puducherry, one of the renowned institutions in the county, has performed it’s first cadaveric hand transplantation surgery. The surgery was performed on August 2nd 2017, for free of cost. JIPMER is the first government institution in the country to achieve this milestone, even though it was granted the license to perform reconstructive cadaveric transplant only in August 2016.

'JIPMER' india's first govt institution to perform Cadaveric hand transplant 
16 year old boy who underwent hand transplant surgery

The team of doctors led by Dr Dinesh Kumar S, chief reconstructive transplant surgeon, department of Plastic surgery, performed the 16 hour long surgery to transplant both forearms and hands from a 50 year old donor to a 16 year old bilateral below-elbow amputee.

Union health Minister J P Nadda also congratulated the entire team of JIPMER for carrying out the first hand transplant done by any government institution in the country.

Nadda tweeted , “I am happy to share that JIPMER has become the first government institution that performed successful bilateral hand transplant this month.”

'JIPMER' india's first govt institution to perform Cadaveric hand transplant 

Prof Dr. S.C.Parija Director JIPMER Puducherry, expressed his appreciation towards the team of nurses who assisted the surgical team and all the support staff. Prof Dr. Parija, also appreciated the family of Mrs. Rathinambal- the brain dead donor.

On August 1st of this year, Rathinambal, 50 year old lady, a resident of Tamilnadu, had sustained brain injuries after falling from a two wheeler. She was initially treated in Vikkravandi GH, and later referred to JIPMER. Even after reaching JIPMER her condition worsened. On August 2nd 2017, tests were done on her, which confirmed that she has irreversible brain damage. The same was also informed to the her daughter.

Despite the tragedy, the family came forward to donate the organs of  Mrs. Rathinambal as they felt this would help others to live; otherwise the organs may go waste.

First the family agreed to donate both hands in addition to her internal organs. The brain death certification was done by a team of experts lead by Dr Sunil Narayan (Neurology) and Dr Sadish Kumar (Endocrinology).

The multi-disciplinary team of specialist doctors performed the complex procedure which involved detaching both the forearms and hands of the donor and reattaching them in a specific sequence to the adequately prepared amputated stump of the recipient.

'JIPMER' india's first govt institution to perform Cadaveric hand transplant 

The rehabilitation team lead by Dr. Navin Kumar provided a pair of prosthesis for the donor at a very short notice and will be providing vital follow-up to the hand transplant recipient. After a week’s surgery the patient is doing well and mothered closely.