Jharkhand: State govt announces 4-day special leave for blood donors

In Jharkhand, the requirements of blood yearly are 3.5 lakh units. But, only 1.9 lakh unit blood is collected every year. This means that the state is essentially facing a shortage of blood

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  • The state government of Jharkhand, India, has announced a special 4-day paid leave to the blood donor for donating blood.
  • In order to curb the acute shortage and to promote the blood donation drive in the state, the government has taken this decision.
  • In order to give a major boost to the blood donation drive in the state. The government of Jharkhand has launched this unique initiative.
  • If one person donates blood four times in one year, then they can avail of four days special leave.
  • The person will be given a holiday on the day which he/she has donated blood.

The state government has decided to give four days of special leave in a year, for those government employees who donate their blood.

The state government has issued a circular in this regard on Wednesday, September 26.


The circular states,

‘The state of Jharkhand requires 3.5 lakh units blood every year.  But, only 1.9 lakh unit blood is collected.

In order to boost the blood donation drive, the state has decided to grant a special leave to the state government employees.

The employee who donates blood will be granted a special day leave on the day on which he/she donates blood.

But, the leave will be granted after the blood donor submits the blood donation certificate to the concerned department.