Jalgaon: How a doctor’s reconsideration helped save a destitute person’s life

On Monday, November 26, an unknown person brought a middle age man to a hospital in Jalgaon. Looking at the condition of the patient, the staff including doctors considered the patient to be brought dead. But, a split second decision ultimately helped in saved the man’s life


  • Doctors from Government Medical College, Jalgaon, Maharashtra have saved a life of an unknown person in a nick of a time.
  • The patient was brought to the hospital on Monday, November 26. Looking at his condition the doctors had ones considered him as dead.
  • But, due to the prompt decision and treatment, the doctors have managed to save his life.

Monday, November 26, was a regular day for the doctors and staff of the government medical college, Jalgaon. As the first day of the week, the hospital was full of patients lining up for the Out Patient Department (OPD).

Suddenly, an unknown person brought a middle age man to the hospital. Looking at the condition of the patients, the staff including a few doctors thought that the patient was already dead. But, Dr Yuvraj Patil, who is attached to the hospital as a medical officer went ahead for the check-up.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra Dr Yuvraj Patil said, “Looking at the patient my first impression was, he is dead. I checked the pulse, but could not find it. Then with the help of a stethoscope, I tried to auscultate him. I could hear the heartbeats, but the sound was very low. I attached pulse oximeter to his finger. But, again it didn’t give any clear results. After that without wasting any time I started giving him cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) .”

Dr Patil further added, “After giving him CPR for 5 minutes, the Oxygen saturation in the body was 40%. We immediately took a decision to intubate him. But, the mammoth task in front of us was how to open his mouth. As the mouth opening was inadequate.”

Doctor and the team tirelessly kept trying and finally managed to insert a tube into his chest in order to provide him with artificial oxygen.

Dr Yuvraj added, “We inserted endotracheal tube and joined ambu bag to it. We kept giving him CPR and finally, we succeeded in providing him with artificial oxygen. Throughout the tense movements, my staff helped me a lot. Without their support this task was unthinkable.”

After about an hour-and-half due to CPR and the artificial oxygen, the oxygen in his body raised to 96%. According to the doctors, it was a sigh of relief for all the team.

Dr Patil says, “I will never forget this day in my lifetime. This is taught me a lot. The next day when I went to see him, the patient didn’t even recognised me. But, after seeing him I felt very happy. If no one would have attended him in time. He would have died.”